4 Steps for Interview Prep: The Digital Workbook

A Guide to Help English Learners Confidently Answer "Tell Me About Yourself" and Other Questions

A 24-page fillable PDF file with questions, templates, and fill-in-the-blank grammar guides to help you prepare for your English-speaking job interview.  PLUS a bonus, 10-page list of frequently asked interview questions, illegal questions to avoid, and questions to ask your interviewer. 

Targeted practice.

Only the most useful grammar.

No more wasted time!

Are other Business English books, podcasts, or programs are too broad? This workbook only covers the ideas, questions, and templates you need to know to feel calm, confident, and prepared to talk with your interviewer.

The workbook will help you:

  • Write your "About Me" speech
  • Gain confidence before your job interview
  • Talk about your skills
  • Talk about your accomplishments
  • Practice the right grammar
  • Answer common interview questions

Before becoming a Business English coach and writing this workbook, I held multiple jobs in the corporate American workplace. I've aced plenty of interviews... and I've had some weird interviews. The workbook uses my experience, the advice of certified Human Resource experts, and the most frequently asked questions from my coaching students!

This workbook can be used alone or with the 8 Steps for Interview Prep book.

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